All classes in this category are only offered on the Guam campus and include online components.

Available courses

BIBL 102 Basic Bible Study Methods (Sp '20)

BIBL 102 - Basic Bible Study Methods: An introduction to the principles of Biblical interpretation and independent Bible study. Students will be exposed to basic Bible study tools.

Course available: Friday, January 13, to Friday, May 2, 2020
  • Teacher: Gary Houde

BNEW 100 New Testament Survey (Sp '20)

"An introduction to the background issues, content and messages of all 27 New Testament books. Special attention will be given to key concepts, important persons, places, and events, as well as the main contributions of each New Testament book to the overall message of the Bible." (PIU catalog 2019-2020)
Course available: Monday, January 13, to Friday, May 2, 2020
  • Teacher: Gary Houde

EDLS 420 Teaching Diverse Population (Sp '20)

This course focuses on addressing the challenges in teaching special populations of students in all classroom settings. The student populations include those with special needs; those who are non-native English speakers; and those with cultural, linguistic, religious and other backgrounds with unique learning needs. The students will begin to develop their cultural competence to effectively teach all students in elementary and secondary classrooms.
  • Teacher: Carmen Millano

GOVT 301 Political Science (Sp '20)

GOVT 301 - Political Science: By examining and comparing different political systems in various countries, the course will provide an introduction to the basic ideas, terminology, and debates in political science. The fundamental goals of the class are to expose students to the diversity of political systems in the modern world, teach students how to analyze politics in other countries, teach students to think critically, and through reflection gain a better understanding of their own political system. In an increasingly global world advancing our understanding of the politics, histories, and cultures outside our borders is crucial.
  • Teacher: Carmen Millano

HIST 201 World Civilizations (Sp '20)

"The course will provide a general understanding of the chief characteristics of human history as exemplified by the traditional cultures of Africa, the Middle East, China, Japan, India, Central Asia, the Americas and Europe. Emphasis will be placed on the institutions, values, and interrelationships among people across the globe, and the achievements and contributions of individual civilizations to human history." (PIU catalog 2019-2020)
Course available: January 13, to May 2, 2020.
  • Teacher: Pierre-Luc Rivard

STDY 101 Research and Study Skills (Sp '20)

"This course is designed to develop the academic skills of college students. Emphasis is placed on learning organized study techniques, comprehension of reading materials, note-taking procedures, and examination skills. Students are also introduced to
the library and learn basic research skills including the use of the Internet."  (
PIU Catalog 2019-2020 p.102)

Course available: Monday, January 13 to Friday, May 8, 2020.
  • Teacher: Paul Drake

THEO 101 Christian Doctrine 1 (Sp '20)

Add course description from PIU catalog here (PIU catalog 2019-2020)
Course available: Monday, January 13, to Friday, May 1, 2020.
  • Teacher: Gary Houde